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EN micro module

DOMUPLUS is made by a proprietary technology that simplify electrical installation and improve the use of your space.

Simple installation, reliable technology, it is NOT X10 and then remove the need for additional wires...with a range of impressive advantages!
There is No need to insert noise filters on power line !!!
Domuplus enable one light to be controlled from more than one position.
Domuplus enable more than one light to be controlled from one position.

The DOMUPLUS is the innovative solution which use existing wiring – live and neutral wires only –  completely easy installation in just a few short steps.

                       The Domuplus devices have the  mark
The mark indicates conformity to the legal requirements of the European Union (EU) Directive with respect to safety, health, environment, and consumer protection.

Domuplus devices provide solutions for lighting/electrical installation in domestic properties. They are customizable versatile and suitable for new construction or renovation.


These devices can be used when new lights are being installed
- when a new light is to be positioned over a work surface or even an external light fitted, or one light or plug to be controlled from more than one position. When a light or appliance is to be controlled in a difficult-to-reach places

The DOMUPLUS control devices must be connected to the command devices, like momentary push switches, switches, relay, etc. .

The DOMUPLUS actuator devices must be connected to the electrical load. 

The Domuplus devices collection include also:  
light dimmer
door bell
temporary light
courtesy light